Scripted Television


"The Interventionist"

This series is based on the true stories of Heather Hayes, who for the last twenty years has been the interventionist to top celebrities, professional athletes and corporate CEOs.

What makes the series so compelling is that the privileged are not like others who are fighting addiction. They have money and power and their backstories, as well as their travels through the rehab process run the gamut from the tragic to the wildly comical.

Our protagonist is Annie Cort, who is based on Heather Hayes. Like Heather, Annie is a former addict who got clean, went to school and become a leading therapist. She is sought after by celebs because none of her clients have ever been outed, unless they do so themselves.

Annie tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with another therapist, and like Heather, works as a hostage negotiator and criminal profiler for local police. And if that isn't enough, she must also deal with her boozy, comically suicidal mother; a former southern belle who feels betrayed by her ex husband and daughter.

Because the stories are all true and based on the lives of real celebs, (of course we don't give away identities) it will be intriguing for the viewers to try and figure out who these individuals are in real life.

Pilot script available.


The Interventionist