Unscripted Television


"The Amazon Promise "

Patty Webster grew up in a Detroit suburb, left for New York at 19, became a fashion model then, suddenly left it all behind to establish medical clinics in the Peruvian Amazon. At the time, many thought this was merely the passing fancy of an idealistic young girl searching for relevance in her life. They believed she would soon return to her life in front of the cameras.

That was 23 years ago.

"The Amazon Promise" is the remarkable story of a most remarkable woman who found her destiny in the rain forests of South America. Today, her clinics treat thousands of patients each year. With the help of hundreds of volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, medical students and engineers, Patty and her non-profit organization, Amazon Promise, bring hope and caring into a part of the world little known to most of us.

In a world in which the term "hero" is applied rather generously, Patty and her team work in the shadows, without fanfare or hype, sacrificing their own needs and well-being, to improve and often save the lives of others. By that measure, Patty Webster is a true American hero.


"Dinosaur Hunter"

"Dinosaur Hunter" is an observational documentary series, which follows Dr. Luis Chiappe, Director of the Dinosaur Institute at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, in pursuit of the fossil record.

This series is different than any other dinosaur special or series from the past. Dinosaur Hunter centers around the new generation of explorers, a group of young, talented and compelling individuals who accompany Dr. Chiappe on his expeditions.

An entire dig is featured in a full season of shows and are filled with conflict, drama, adventure, a ticking clock and the thrill of discovery.



"River Men"

"River Men" is the next great occupational observational documentary series; an intimate look inside the day-to-day operations of a family owned Ohio River towing and barge company.

The McBride family has worked the river for six generations. One of their early ancestors crewed a steamboat alongside Samuel Clemens, known better today as Mark Twain.

Set against the backdrop of one of America's most scenic waterways, "River Men" follows the McBrides through all of the seasons and in a variety of river conditions that range from calm to treacherous.

The family must compete against the larger, corporate-owned barge operators to stay in business. The work is hazardous and often deadly. Their world is filled with drama and conflict, comedy and tragedy, an American spirit and life on the river.



"Sex in America "

Susan Bratton is one of the country's foremost sex and relationship experts. In her new show, "Sex in America", Susan will serve as coach, advisor and trusted confident in this far-reaching, frank and open series about sex, sexuality, 21st Century relationships and sexual techniques.


"The Ex-Wives of La Jolla"

Life is good if you're an ex wife living in the exclusive village of La Jolla, California. Or so it would seem to those on the outside looking in. This coastal community is the setting for California high society's swankiest affairs. It's a tiny enclave that boasts some of the highest per capita income in the nation. Thus it attracts the super wealthy from all over the world, which are drawn to the village for its privacy, palatial beachfront estates and a seemingly endless supply of potential trophy wives.

But alas, many trophy wives become ex trophy wives and they are the most dangerous kind. The Ex Wives of La Jolla takes the viewer beneath the glossy exterior and into a world rarely seen by those outside the village.

We'll follow the adventures and misadventures of these women and their post-marital lives and loves, as they navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of life after marriage.

And of course it's set against the backdrop of one of the country's most beautiful seaside villages. Thus, "The Ex-Wives of La Jolla" will most certainly be visually stunning to look at.