At their best, documentaries can inform, entertain, enlighten and inspire. They can challenge conventional thinking, debunk myths, uncover mysteries and reach back in time to bring to life our common histories.

Throughout our history, we've maintained a deep presence in the production of documentary films. Our films reflect the wide expanse of documentary filmmaking, from investigative to human interest and from historical to corporate.

We've filmed in every corner of the globe, capturing the sights and sounds of people, places and events in films large and small.

Here are some samples of our documentary work. These are not the complete films, rather excerpts from some of our more recent efforts.

Heroes of the Sky: Episode 1 - "Escape from Kabul"

"Heroes of the Sky" tells the harrowing stories of four Afghani pilots and their families on their escape from Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul, and the beginnings of their new lives in America.


"The Presidio"

This film is dedicated to the fallen. It was filmed at The Presidio in San Francisco and was shown to a live audience at their annual Veterans Day Memorial in November of 2019.






"Turning Points"

An award-winning investigative documentary, which explores the effect the global and social media played on the Arab Spring Protests. Filmed in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the height of the protests, "Turning Points" exposed biased and shoddy reporting, as well as false reports on social media and how they led to increased violence, injury and in some cases death.



"Gray Eagles"

An award-winning human interest documentary, which tells the story of World War II fighter ace Jim Brooks, who after 60 years, was reunited with "February", the plane he flew into battle during the War. It's also the story of an American family and how the rebirth of "February" closed the generation gap between Brooks and his grandchildren, making a close family closer still.