Victory Market

"Victory Market" is the coming-of-age story of 12-year old Anthony Messina who, upon the death of his father, forfeits his childhood to work seven days a week in the family grocery. But his youth and inexperience are in a constant state of conflict with his uncle, who runs the store, as well as the grown-up realities of the world around him.

"Victory Market" is one immigrant family's American story, full of richly drawn characters and events. It is at times profoundly moving and sad, and at times funny, warm and romantic. An unlikely hero makes the conclusion surprising and uplifting, resulting in a most satisfying motion picture experience. "Victory Market" is an intelligent and insightful look at growing up from a perspective rarely seen in film today.

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The Pavilion

Louisville, Kentucky, 1943. In a time of war and madness, a young Italian-American girl and an Italian prisoner of war, escape into an unlikely and forbidden relationship; a love affair that will be shattered by the dark secrets they each possess.

Set during World War II, "The Pavilion" is a love story between an Italian POW, housed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and an Italian-American girl who lives in the nearby town of Louisville.

The film is based on true historical events and while it is primarily a bittersweet love story, it contains overtones of racism and intolerance. It is a historically accurate expression of the time and place.

The film also contains scenes of intense action, concluding in a surprising and glorious climax. "The Pavilion" portrays a facet of World War II that has never been depicted in film. In fact, the history of foreign POWs housed at American army bases is practically unknown.

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Stick of Glory

An absent-minded inventor, Babe Ruth and magical trading card chewing gum help a ragtag Brooklyn Little League team of misfits defy the odds to win the city Little League championship.

Although centered around the world of Little League Baseball, at its core this comedy-drama is a morality tale of strong values, honesty, belief in one's own abilities, family and work ethic; of young love and new love, and of overcoming seemingly overwhelming obstacles to achieve a once-in-a-lifetime goal.

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