Unscripted Television


"Dinner with Don" Starring Don Rickles

While we mourn the passing of our dear friend and colleague Don Rickles, we are blessed to have been a part of his final t.v. series, "Dinner with Don".

In each of the 13 episodes, Don shares dinner, drinks, great stories, and of course laughs, with some of the biggest names in show business. This brief preview is just a sample.

To watch full episodes, go to www.dinnerwithdon.com and please enjoy the shows and watch the master at work.



"Roadside Baseball "

Chris Epting’s acclaimed travel/history book, Roadside Baseball has become a favorite of fans, critics and players alike. Chris travels extensively throughout the country, sharing fascinating, little known, untold stories about the people and events that helped make baseball America’s National Pastime.

And now, Chris is ready to take things to the next level. Introducing Roadside Baseball, the television show.

Each 30-minute episode will present two incredible stories, told in depth and with rich detail; highlighted with archival images and footage. And whenever possible, episodes will feature first-hand accounts along with other relevant voices to help bring each story to life.

Show bible for the first season is available.

"Good Road to Follow"

When John Oates first teamed up with Daryl Hall to form the renowned pop music duo, Hall and Oates, they traveled from gig-to-gig along Americas back roads in a 1968 Pontiac GTO, lent to them by John's father.

During those early days, and even after they had achieved considerable fame and success, John kept a daily diary of everything he and Daryl experienced. That diary is now over 8,000 pages long and it's a chronological record of the places they've seen, the people they met, the music they heard along the way, and the little-known, hidden oddities they encountered during their travels.

Often, those diary pages became the stories chronicled in their music.

In his new show, "Good Road to Follow": Traveling America's Back Roads with John Oates", John hits the road once again, only this time, America is coming along for the ride.

John is our guide along these hidden and often forgotten roads, uncovering parts of the country rarely, if ever seen on national television.

John will also uncover music, never heard outside of the isolated hollows and back roads of America. What we've come to identify as American Roots Music, which has become the basis for nearly every American music genre heard today.

And at the end of each episode, John will team up with the originators of that music, to arrange and then play those songs. The songs will be recorded and available for download.

There's no other show on television today like "Good Road to Follow ".



"Flipping France" with Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays

Home flipping programs occupy an impressive amount of television airtime throughout various day-parts and across a variety of networks. They appeal to a diverse cross-section of viewers, from the hardcore DIYers and the wannabes, to those simply looking for ways in which to increase their incomes.

And although each of these shows claims to have a unique spin on the format, they are largely distinctions without a difference. Until now.

"Flipping France" is the newest, freshest and most unique approach to one of television's most durable genres, combining all of the great programming attributes flipping shows are know for, with the addition of compelling French travel and tourism.

"Flipping France" stars one of Hollywood's most well known power couples, Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays. Stars of both television and motion pictures, Corbin and Amanda have decades of experience buying, renovating, decorating and selling homes, both here in the U.S. and overseas.

Years of home renovation experience, combined with their considerable star power and appeal, make "Flipping France" one of the most engaging, informative, exciting and truly watchable programs of its type, found anywhere on television today.