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"Willie Cabel"

Willie Cabel was a Los Angeles psychologist. She is diagnosed bipolar and consequently smokes too much, drinks too much and is a serial adulterer.

When she is outed by several former patients she slept with, she loses her California license to practice and is forced to relocate. Willie is married to a long-suffering L.A. Times reporter and has a teenage daughter in high school.

Despite Willie's destructive tendencies, husband and daughter agree to give up their Southern California lives and move cross-country so Willie can accept a job at the only place that will take her, a prison in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Willie is now in the belly of the beast, working as a shrink to some of the most dangerous people on the planet. The horrible conditions in the prison are made worse by the warden, a corrupt, connected civil servant who doesn't want anything or anyone interfering with his behind-the-scenes operation, especially an "outsider" like Willie.

And although her location has changed, her destructive tendencies have not.

We also follow the parallel stories of Willie's husband and daughter. Her husband lands a job at a small local newspaper. A far cry from his days at the L.A. Times, but he discovers that there is much corruption going on in the state of Kentucky, corruption within the state's three major enterprises; coal, Bourbon and horse racing. He's a good reporter who knows a good story and so we follow him into this world where he will face his own dangers and conflict.

Willie's daughter has the hardest time adjusting. She's left behind all her friends at the upscale Santa Monica high school she attended, and is now in a small, rural high school, with kids unlike any she's known growing up in Southern California. She feels like she's in a time warp. Bardstown, Kentucky will never be mistaken for L.A. An ensemble cast, both inside and outside the prison, rounds out this compelling drama.

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Willie Cabel
  Dr. Joe

"Dr. Joe"

Television has never met anyone like Joe Nakamura. He's both an emergency room doctor, sworn police officer and SWAT Operator. He lives in the disparate worlds of medicine and law enforcement; sometimes armed with a stethoscope and at other times armed with an M-4. Implausible' Perhaps. Except that Joe Nakamura is not a fictional character. He is very, very real.

The real Dr. Joe is a full-time emergency room doctor at Torrance Memorial Hospital, as well as a sworn police officer and SWAT operator for the Hawthorne Police Department. The stories told in this series are his stories. They run the gamut from harrowing to life-affirming. No need to fictionalize the life of Dr. Joe.

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They work for unfriendly governments that attempt to penetrate our cyber security firewalls. They're members of cartels that use the Internet to extort millions of dollars from major corporations. They're also the zit-faced kid that lives next door, sitting alone in the dark of his parents' basement, coding away at his computer to bring down the power grid of a small city just because he can.

Fortunately, there is an opposing army of cyber security specialists who also operate on a 24/7 basis. Their mission, to thwart the bandits, control the damage, plug the leaks and bring the evildoers to justice.

Among this daring group of cyber heroes is the star of our series, Hooper.

"Hooper" is a one-hour comedy/drama set in the beautiful and lush Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Our protagonist is Hooper, a cyber security expert who works for a Boston-based firm, tasked with keeping secure the secrets of their corporate clients.

4 Corners

"4 Corners"

Dr. Oliver Caldwell is a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, known as the plastic surgeon to the stars. Early in his career he was considered one of the most promising general surgeons around, blessed with brilliance, skill and gifted hands. But he was seduced by the money and celebrity of high profile plastic surgery and abandoned his earlier career path to focus on boob jobs and belly lifts for fading celebrities.

Following a night of partying, drugs and alcohol, he performs what should have been a routine breast enhancement on a young Asian-American actress. But the procedure goes wrong. There are complications and the young actress dies on his table.

The tragic story leads the nightly local news for weeks. His patients quickly abandon him and his once famous Beverly Hills clinic closes for good. Caldwell has lost everything.

He drowns himself in self-pity, booze and pills and comes close to accidentally killing himself. He is visited by friend and former mentor, Dr. Leon Sherman who convinces Caldwell to find redemption by using his incredible skills to help those who live at the other end of Wilshire Blvd., in an area of East L.A. called Four Corners. There, Caldwell will open and operate a free clinic.

The Four Corners neighborhood was so named because four separate ethnic enclaves collide in this one area. Thus, it is a nexus for ethnic strife, gang violence, poverty and ignorance. And Caldwell is in the middle of it all.

Four Corners is both an urban and medical drama. It moves the medical genre out of the hospital and into the mean streets of East L.A. where Caldwell is the ultimate fish out of water, an outsider with a lot to prove to the residents of Four Corners and to himself.

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"Eye in the Sky"

Pete Keller is a helicopter pilot and traffic reporter for a Los Angeles television station. However that simple job description is the only thing Keller has in common with every other helicopter reporter working in local news.

Keller was a former army combat helicopter pilot with experience in a number of war zones. He was awarded a commendation when under intense enemy fire, landed his chopper in a hot spot to recover the body of a fellow pilot who had been shot down.

The father of that pilot, Frederick David Rothman, aka F.D.R., is the owner of the t.v. station that hired Keller, in gratitude for bringing home his son's body.

Keller is an adrenaline junkie who isn't content to be merely a traffic reporter, thus he is constantly inserting himself and his chopper, into the breaking crime stories happening throughout L.A., much to the chagrin of station management and the LAPD.

Keller should have been fired years ago, but F.D.R., the station owner, protects him out of gratitude, although that gratitude runs thin at times. This puts him in constant conflict with the station's news director who is young, talented, female and beautiful.

She and Keller have a mutual attraction, which they attempt to hide from each other. Their foreplay manifests itself in the daily arguments over Keller's aerial antics.

Eye in the Sky also has an eclectic ensemble cast of characters from those working at the station, to Keller's archenemy, Benny Quillan, an LAPD helicopter pilot.

It is a comedy/drama full of intense action, stunning visuals, romance and conflict.

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Eye in the Sky


Tommy Cafferty is a newly minted doctor, working the graveyard shift at an L.A. Hospital, when a young patient, Katherine Allen, is drugged and raped in her hospital bed.

All the evidence is pointing to Cafferty. He is arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison. Years later, the former janitor at the hospital dies and when police go through his apartment, they uncover evidence pointing to the janitor as the rapist.

Cafferty asks for a new trial and is represented by twin brothers, former hippies, who by their dress and manor, think the 60s are still alive. They operate a legal clinic called "The Open Cell Project", which specializes in freeing individuals who have been wrongfully convicted.

However, Katherine Allen, the girl who was raped years earlier in the hospital, is now an L.A. Assistant District Attorney, and thus there is much push back from her office.

Despite that, Cafferty is freed when the twins uncover withheld evidence that had been preserved by a now-retired police detective. The former doctor is now a free man but has few prospects. He doesn't want to go back to medicine because he had been a doctor for only a few months and that didn't work out so well.

The twins ask Cafferty to come work for them as an investigator. His medical training could come in handy, but his time behind bars will be invaluable in helping him determine the guilt or innocence of those asking for the law clinic's help.

He reluctantly agrees to try it for a time and the first case he is given is a request for a new trial by his former prison cellmate with whom he had become friends. Not a trained investigator, he seeks help wherever he can find it, including asking for some inside help from D.A. Katherine Allen, the woman he was once accused of raping.

This will be a most uneasy start to a personal and professional relationship that will build throughout the series.

Pilot script available.